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Legal Assistance

Countless numbers of Maryland school employees receive assistance with their individual problems each year from the combined resources of FCTA, MSEA, and NEA.

Here are the legal resources at the disposal of Frederick County Teachers Association members:

Million Dollar Liability Insurance

Each member receives as part of his or her dues payment a $1,000,000 liability insurance policy.

  • Certificate of Insurance
    Maryland State Education Association/National Education Association Educators Employment Liability Insurance

Legal Assistance: Professional Problems

For many years, FCTA has provided assistance to school employees faced with difficulties in their professional lives. Learn more.

Attorney Referral: Personal Problems

FCTA membership provides members with job-related legal services free of charge. For non-job-related personal problems, the MSEA/NEA Attorney Referral Program provides members consultations at no cost and discounts on attorney fees. Learn more.

Click here to view the MSEA legal services program guidelines. For more information, please contact MSEA’s Center for Legal Affairs at 410.263.6600, ext. 3668.
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