About FCTA

VISION STATEMENT:  Frederick County Teachers Association works to advocate, empower and organize members to ensure an excellent and equitable public education in Frederick County.

FCTA represents the teachers, school counselors, reading specialists, school support teachers, teacher specialists, CASS workers, speech and language pathologists, school therapists and athletic directors of Frederick County Public Schools.  We are the local teacher affiliate of the Maryland State Education Association and the National Education Association.  As professional educators, the members of FCTA constantly work to promote and encourage educational success for all students.  To that end, these are the goals of the Frederick County Teachers Association


  • Providing our members and their students a working environment that is safe and conducive to quality instruction
  • Promoting the highest level of professional practice in the classroom while identifying and eliminating barriers to effective teaching and learning
  • Securing for our members a salary and benefits package worthy of their professional dedication as educators
  • Pursuing at the local, state and national levels, educational policies which establish and maintain programs and services supporting quality public education
  • Instilling a belief that quality learning is dependent  upon educators who are respected and acknowledged as professionals by the community
  • Increasing public appreciation for teaching as a career choice.

In striving to achieve these goals, FCTA establishes and maintains collaborative relationships to build a community committed to the educators and students of Frederick County.